I have painted all my life and the effects of light and nature have been a constant fascination. I believe my work has the ability to capture imagenuances unseen by the human eye, but perceived by the human spirit. As a first generation Greek American, my appreciation for classical form and design has distinguished my work in the art community. Influenced by my trips to Europe, I've developed a special fondness for old portals and gateways: subjects that invite you to another place. Since moving to New Mexico, that appreciation has extended to the Southwestern landscape and its old adobes and ruins, where I examine these vanishing icons from our world.My landscapes and edificios capture views that are a testament to man's interaction with nature. I have strived to make my botanicals both soft and powerful. I use light to bring luminescence to my workand meticulously render my pastels.

For me, painting is a spiritual connection: I simply paint what I feel, not by sight but by faith. Faith gives one sight and I use all of my senses to perceive, as they collectively reveal subtleties that simple observation may overlookI have had two successful careers: first as adesigner/illustrator, then as an award winning cinematographer. However, my first love has always been painting. I have studied at both the American Academy ofArt and the School of Art Institute of Chicago. I have taught in both the film and art departments at Chicago's Columbia College. I am a signature member in the New Mexico Pastel Society, and continue to teach and paint.

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